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Featured Farm

Skaurud Grain Farms


Skaurud Grain Farms is a grain operation located in northwest Minnesota, headquartered in Norman County. Skaurud Grain Farms is committed to producing high quality crops while also conserving natural resources. 

Featured Video

Farmers in Discovery Farms Minnesota

Paul Simonsen and the Peterson Family discusses the reasons why they are involved with the Discovery Farms Minnesota program. 

Welcome to Discovery Farms Minnesota

Discovery Farms Minnesota is a farmer-led effort to gather field scale water quality information from different types of farming systems, in landscapes all across Minnesota. The mission of the Discovery Farms program is to gather water quality information under real-world conditions. The goal is to provide practical, credible, site-specific information to enable better farm management.

The program is designed to collect accurate measurements of sediment, nitrogen and phosphorus movement over the soil surface and through subsurface drainage tiles. This work leads to a better understanding of the relationship between agricultural management and water quality.

In The News

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Discovering a model for water quality

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Discovery Farms demonstrate best management for yield, environment

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Program Updates and Upcoming Events

2013 Year-In-Review – A summary of data collected at Discovery Farms Minnesota core farms in 2013

Kandiyohi County Special Project Update – A summary of data collected at the Kandiyohi County Project

Discovery Farms Minnesota Program Overview – A summary of program goals, projects, and organization



Featured Event

MAWRC Sediment Seminar


Minnesota farmers demonstrated their strong commitment to protecting soil and water resources by participating in a day-long research forum on soil erosion and river sediment movement. The event, hosted by the Minnesota Agricultural Water Resource Center, served as a forum for experts in sediment science, agricultural drainage and resource protection.

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