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Featured Farm

Spring Creek Farms


Spring Creek Farms is a grain operation located in Chisago County producing corn and soybeans. A modified no-till planting system is used for crop production.

Featured Video

Dynamic Runoff Event

A single rainfall event can contribute the majority of runoff for the entire growing season. These events are episodic and region specific. That's why Discovery Farms Minnesota uses automated equipment that collects samples whenever water is flowing. This time lapse video shows a runoff event that occurred over 16 hours on June 15, 2011. 

Welcome to Discovery Farms Minnesota

Discovery Farms Minnesota is a farmer-led effort to gather field scale water quality information from different types of farming systems, in landscapes all across Minnesota. The mission of the Discovery Farms program is to gather water quality information under real-world conditions. The goal is to provide practical, credible, site-specific information to enable better farm management.

The program is designed to collect accurate measurements of sediment, nitrogen and phosphorus movement over the soil surface and through subsurface drainage tiles. This work leads to a better understanding of the relationship between agricultural management and water quality.

Program Updates - A new blog focusing on Discovery Farms information

2015 Year-In-Review - A summary of data collected at Discovery Farms Minnesota core farms in 2015

Discovery Farms Minnesota Program Overview – A summary of program goals, projects, and organization



Featured Event

MDA’s Tour Highlighting Edge-of-Field Monitoring


In 2011, MDA hosted a bus tour around southeast Minnesota to visit cutting edge, farmer led conservation projects. The first was the Discovery Farm site in Goodhue County. It was a beautiful day to be out on the farm and an educational event for everyone involved.

Real-time Data

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